Our Story

Once upon a time, on July 3, 2021, while lounging on my couch, an idea took shape, and Zeyvarr was born. This brand is more than just a passion project; it's a culmination of my love for Pakistani jewelry and Western fashion. I wanted to create something truly special, so I poured my heart and soul into designing statement pieces that would make heads turn.

Growing up, I spent countless hours rummaging through my mom's closet, fascinated by the exquisite handcrafted pieces that made me feel like a young princess. The vibrant colors and intricate details of Pakistani jewelry captured my imagination and sparked a deep connection within me.

With Zeyvarr, I wanted to bring that magic to life. Each statement piece is a reflection of my own unique vision and personal touch. From start to finish, I meticulously design and craft every piece, ensuring it radiates a distinct personality and captures attention wherever it goes.

But Zeyvarr is about more than just beautiful jewelry. It's about affordability without compromising on quality. I want everyone to experience the joy of owning a stunning piece that stands the test of time. That's why I carefully select materials and put each item through rigorous hand-testing to ensure it meets my high standards.

Ethical sourcing and sustainability are non-negotiable values for me. I believe in sourcing materials that are not only beautiful but also responsible choices. It's a small step towards making a positive impact on our world.

With each statement piece, you'll not only wear a work of art but also carry a piece of my heart.

Sourced from the soul - always ethically.